Hybrid Solar System Photovoltaic
Hybrid Solar System Photovoltaic

What is Hybrid Solar System Photovoltaic (PV)?

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As energy needs keep rising, have you ever thought about what would happen if one-day electricity went out and never came back? Well, I know this is scary. The power goes out a lot in many places, especially in the summer, and we know how annoying it is! But why does this happen mostly in the summer? That’s because power demand grows exponentially with production. The problem is that we can avoid this by switching to renewable energy sources, like solar power. The solar energy system is the most reliable and durable of them all.

Going with solar power on the grid is a good idea until you learn that the grid can go down and you won’t get electricity. Then, one might think of an off-grid solar energy structure as a good idea. But what if we have a lot of cloudy days and the battery runs out? A hybrid solar power system design has the advantage of the rise in popularity and exploration of solar-based energy. This system has the benefits of both an on-grid and off-grid system in both places.

What is the definition of a hybrid solar system?

The hybrid solar energy system comprises both solar energy systems connected to the grid and those not connected to the grid at all. In simple terminology, one can say that it is a solar power system that connects to the grid and has a battery backup.

As a bonus, it can store energy when the solar panel is working at its best, then get it back when electricity prices are high, or the grid goes down. One can sell the extra energy they make to the local power grid.

The hybrid solar system components:

A hybrid energy system has both on-grid and off-grid parts. The hybrid solar system can be installed at your home or a business. These parts are used:

Solar Panel:

This is the foundation of the solar energy system. Without this, powerful solar radiation can’t be used and drawn out of the solar cells. Photos from the sun fall on the solar panel, which converts them into DC energy, and this energy is used to power the panel.

DC Distribution Box (DCDB):

DCDB is a combiner box. Its main job is to combine all the solar panels into one string. This box has a miniature circuit breaker (MCB), a fuse, and a surge protection device inside of it to keep things safe.

The charge controller:

The prominent position of the governor is to make sure that the battery doesn’t get too or too little charge, which will help it last longer.

The hybrid inverter:

The inverter is an important component of the solar energy system because it helps convert the Direct Current energy from the solar panel or battery into AC energy that can be used. The inverter lets you track how much energy you use, get, or store in the battery. It also promotes keeping an eye on the solar panel’s performance and the battery.

ACDB: Alternating Current Distribution Box

MCB - Hybrid Solar System
MCB – Hybrid Solar System

The main job of the ACDB is to protect the appliances from any problems with the hybrid inverter. It has protective devices like a miniature circuit breaker (MCB), a fuse, and a surge protector.


Batteries are very important for off-grid and hybrid solar systems because they store the extra energy made during sunny days. The batteries can get the extra energy back when the solar panel can’t make enough power during cloudy weather or night. Batteries that can be recharged for renewable energy systems, like lithium or lead-acid batteries, are best.

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The solar hybrid system works:

When solar radiation photons hit the solar panel, a direct current (DC) is made. The photovoltaic principle does this. The quantity of solar radiation affects DC energy.

Charge controller:

  • This DC energy transmit to the charge controller, ensuring that only the right amount of power is transmit to your battery.
  • The inverter takes energy from these batteries and turns it into alternating current that different appliances can use.
  • This AC energy transmit to different loads through the wiring system.
  • When the battery is complete, the solar panel gives the extra DC power it generates to the utility grid-connected inverter and net metre and gets paid for this extra power. The utility company pays for this extra power.
  • There is a lot of collected energy in the battery, so it used when it’s not sunny or night.

Advantages of hybrid solar system:

  • Reduced dependence on the grid.
  • Hybrid inverters have extra power capacity, so they can keep the lights on even when there isn’t enough electricity. It lets people use power from the grid, a battery, or solar.
  • When there is no electricity, it can be used as an off-grid solar energy system so that you can get power again.
  • Can use stored energy when it’s cloudy or during peak evening hours (when tariff rates are high), which means fewer electricity bills.

Disadvantages of hybrid solar system:

  • Installation costs more and is more complicated.
  • Maintenance costs will go up because batteries need to be changed every few years.
  • Backup power only built to run critical loads; not all appliances get help.

What happens when there is a power outage?

During the day, when the solar panel is working, the solar power system won’t shut down at all if the grid goes down. Instead, the system will turn off the power from the grid and turn on the battery system. It will get the power must for all appliances from the battery’s stored energy.

To choose a hybrid solar system, you need to know when to do so.

Hybrid solar energy system installation is worth it in the following circumstances at your place:

  • When the feed-in tariff is low, hybrid energy systems make sense to put in.
  • In a place where there are a lot of power outages and a low feed-in-tariff rate, installing a solar hybrid system is a good option. One needs to make sure there is enough backup power to run the critical loads.

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