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Buying Used Solar Panels: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Solar panels that have been used before can be sold for money. You say that. You’d be shocked. This is true for used solar panels as well. Many people want them in the United States and many other places. The demand for used solar panels comes from people who want to sell them or export them, people who want to get a better deal on a second-hand solar panel, and people who live off the grid. When the economy is bad, people are even more likely to choose solar panels over brand new ones. It’s risky to buy used solar panels because you might get something that isn’t working. However, taking a right precautionary steps can help reduce this risk.

Used Solar Panels Worth?

The cost per watt sells Second-hand modules because this is the most common way to price them, just like how new solar panels are priced. Used solar panels can cost as little as $0.10 per watt in 2021 when the price of new solar panels starts to rise. Even if they cost $0.60 per watt, used solar panels are easy to buy even if used before. Is the photovoltaic panel at the end of its life because it costs so little? No, not at all! No doubt, the older the panel is, the less efficient it will be, and the more it will cost to run. Most solar panels that have been used and then sold are between 1 and 9 years old, and most of them are still good. As long as these work well, they will keep working well.

The value of used solar panels also comes from the materials used to make the solar cells more valuable. Photovoltaic cells make up of things like silver and tellurium. Rare and non-renewable resources can be found in old solar panels. They can be found by taking them apart. Outside of the United States, there is a strong market for used solar panels. Africa, Asia, and Europe are places where people want to buy things. In Europe, there are already a lot of websites where people can buy and sell used solar panels online, says the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Buying Used Solar Panels: What to Look for

Do I need to buy a new one?

When you can, try it out before you buy it. To do so, you’ll need good, clear skies and a volt/amp meter to do it. In this case, it should work. A simple voltage test will show you if the panel can give off the voltage on the sticker that came with the product. If the sticker isn’t there, try to find out the information on the internet if you can.

You may then compare its present efficiency rate to its new-state efficiency rate to see whether you’re getting a good deal. The second thing you can measure is how well the panel works in DC amps. Make sure your meter is set to DC for at least five minutes. If you want to get at least 80% of the LSC rating on the sticker, you need to get it.

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Examine the used solar panels for damage or imperfections.

This means that a solar array exposed to all kinds of weather could be damaged by rain, small rocks, small dust, and all kinds of other things. Keep an eye on signs of moisture under the cover and broken connections between PV cells.

As long as there are evident signs of damage, it’s likely that the solar panel won’t last as long as you think. It would be better to keep in mind that usedpanels don’t come with any warranty. Some damage isn’t visible, like when moisture builds up inside the circuitry. People with amorphous silicon panels are more likely to get this kind of damage.

If this is the case, when you test the solar panel in the sun, you will see a lot of different voltage outputs. These changes could mean that the solar panel doesn’t work right. Sometimes, the solar panel used may not have any other flaws, but it might be brown. With older solar panels made of plastic, this is a common thing to happen. A brown panel can still be useful.

Is it possible for you to install your used solar panels?

You need to know this because it can be hard to find a solar installer for solar panels that have been used before. People who work with solar power aren’t always willing to do the job if they don’t know where the power comes from and how efficient it is.

Find out if the seller is trustworthy.

Used Solar Panels: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide
Used Solar Panels: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

To cut down on the chance of making a bad purchase, you should only buy from someone who has a good reputation as a repairer. Alternatively, the seller should say that the product meets certain safety standards, like the IEC 61730 standard from the United States.

The seller would already have done quality checks and measured how well the amp and voltage worked. Some sellers can also check the manufacturer’s transfer warranty. If the manufacturer’s assurance is no longer valid, some sellers may be able to offer a warranty from a third-party company instead.

Is The Seller Honest?

People who are good at selling things have a lot of good reviews and success stories that can be found online. They would have their professional websites, listings on Google, and social media accounts in the future. They belong to trade associations and chambers of commerce. Some have good reviews from customers and are also members of these groups.

Many people who sell things on eBay and Amazon list them on third-party online marketplaces (like Clearing Houses or Exchanges). You can cut down on the risk even more by looking at the screening rules for these marketplaces.

Many stations where you can buy and sell things are free and don’t have any rules. Few solar companies only registered with the government. These companies must meet certain requirements and have good references.

To protect yourself, you should read all the terms and conditions of an online store before buying something. When looking at the Terms and Conditions, make sure there aren’t any fees that aren’t clear. Finally, if you want to buy a used solar panel as a replacement part, check with your insurance company first. Some insurance companies may be able to help you get the used solar panel installed safely and at the least cost to you.


There are places where you can buy used solar panels. You can also buy them online. As photovoltaic technology improves, more demand for used solar panels will increase. It would help if you did the right research before you bought them.

People who want to buy used solar panels for their homes and people who want to buy used solar panels for their businesses should read this article. Renewable energy tax credits don’t apply to solar panels that have been used before. This is important to know if you are buying for your use.

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