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Panasonic Solar Panel Evaluation In Detail

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It’s a good idea for people in the U.S. to pick Panasonic solar panel because it is a big company that makes things for people. A new technology called heterojunction technology, or HIT, is used by Panasonic. This gives them a new way to think about how solar cells work. On EnergySage in 2019, Panasonic was the most popular brand of solar panels to buy. It’s good to have HIT, HIT+, and HIT AC.

Panels essential to look at all the solar PV options you have before deciding. It’s possible to read EnergySage reviews of Panasonic solar panels. That look at the technical specs of Panasonic panels to see how they stack up against other manufacturers on the market.

What differentiates Panasonic HIT solar panels from other solar panels.

This is how you should look at the quality of a solar panel: efficiency, performance, warranties, and price are the four main things you should look at. For each metric, EnergySage has written a Panasonic review. This way, you can make your solar choice a lot easier! We’ve also looked at Panasonic solar panels against other top solar panel manufacturers often used in EnergySage Solar Marketplace offers for people who want to go solar at home or work.


If a solar panel is good at taking in sunlight and making electricity that can be used. It is called “solar panel efficiency.” This means that, as long as there is the same weather. A high-efficiency solar panel will make more electricity than a low-efficiency panel of the same size. Because of this, it’s usually better to have a better efficiency rating.

All of the models of Panasonic solar panels that you buy will make a difference in how well they work. There are a lot of solar panels that have a power output of between 14 and 18%. If you have a Panasonic meeting, it can be anywhere from 19.1 percent to 21.7 percent efficient.

Panasonic HIT panels work well (Temperature Coefficient)

Engineer electric woman checking and maintenance of panasonic solar panel.
Engineer electric woman checking and maintenance of Panasonic solar panel.

Part of Energy Sage’s Panasonic reviews looks at how solar panels work. We look at how well they work at different temperatures to see how well they work. When the weather is terrible. You can figure out how well your solar panel can work even though it is dark outside. There is a better chance that if you keep solar panels cool, they will work better. In other words, this is the same for different types of electronics. The ideal temperature for this is 25° C/77° F. This is what you want to do. Do this. It tells you how much less well the panel will work when it is hot and sunny.

When your solar panel is above 25° C (77° F). Its temperature coefficient will cut the amount of electricity it makes by that amount. People use this term to describe how much the temperature changes over time. People who use Panasonic’s VBHN330SA17 panel say that it changes a lot when the temperature goes up or down. There is a 0.26 percent drop in electricity production if the temperature of the board goes from 25° C (77° F) to 26° C (79° F). This is about the same amount. At 35° C (95° F), it will make less electricity.

It is essential to ensure that your solar panels have the lowest temperature coefficient possible. Because there will likely be many hot and sunny days during the whole year. In the solar panel business, Panasonic has the lowest temperature coefficients at -0.26, one of the weakest in the world.

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HITTM Technology

People who make Panasonic products use a technology called HITTM that makes their products have high solar panel efficiency and a low-temperature coefficient. Both of which make them get more electricity. It’s common for solar panels to have monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon in them. Most of the time, they only have one layer of skin on. HITTM panels, on the other hand, use a combination of monocrystalline and ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers to cut down on power loss. This way, the panels use less power. This way, they use less electricity. A pyramid shape on the surface of these Panasonic solar panels also helps cut down on reflection and direct more sunlight into the solar cells. Which leads to more electricity being made by the sun.


In the long run, as long as you buy something from the manufacturer. They should back it up with a good warranty. People sometimes call the contract for a solar panel “the warranty for the product or the warranty for the piece of equipment.” Manufacturers say they’ll buy you a new solar panel if it breaks down because of manufacturing flaws or other environmental problems.

Most solar panel manufacturers give you a 10- or 12-year materials warranty from when you buy the panels. Many high-end solar panels come with a materials warranty that lasts 12, 15, or even 25 years, which is a lot longer than most of them. They come with a 25-year warranty against any problems with them, so Panasonic’s solar panels are safe.

How much Panasonic HIT solar panels cost to buy them.

Solar equipment costs a lot of money, so the essential thing to consider is how much it costs for many people. You’ll need to buy other things if you want a solar energy system with Panasonic panels. These things are called inverters and mounts. The price will also depend on the type of roof you have, which will affect the cost.

To figure out how much Panasonic systems cost, we looked at quotes from installers who used Panasonic solar panels in their systems on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace. If you want to buy a Panasonic solar system, you’ll have to pay between $2.44 and $3.00 per watt. Price-wise, this is right in the middle.

Before-tax credits or other savings, the cost of a 6 kW system would be anywhere from $14,640 to $18,600, depending on how much money you could save. Solar Incentives and reductions can help you save money right away, like the federal tax credit for solar that is 26%. This is true because most people end up paying less for their homes.

Panasonic solar panels on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace are some of the best-priced panels that people who want to buy solar power can get, and they can buy them there. For a great price, they sell some of the best products on the market. Compared to other high-efficiency products, like SunPower, this is even more true now. The best point is that they also have the best warranty: 25 years. If you want to get solar panels for your house, Panasonic is a good choice.

How do you find the best prices on Panasonic solar panels?

To figure out which solar panels are best for your home, you should first look at many quotes from different solar companies. If you wish to make sure you get the best deal for your money, look at your options on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace to make sure you do that. Many of our qualified, pre-vetted solar installers include Panasonic solar panels in their quotes to EnergySage users when they quote them, so they can be sure they’re good. To get prices for Panasonic solar panels at your home, say in your profile when you sign up that you want quotes.

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